Metals Die-Cast Communities

Just like you, we love being part of a community of people who share the same passions and interest. The Metals Die-Cast fan base is growing and so are the group pages on Facebook. If you are looking for a place to chat about Metals, show off…
Ghostbusters logo

6” Ghostbusters Stay Puft

When Zuul was ready to destroy New York, she called upon the boys in gray to suggest the form she should take. And Mr. Stay Puft has never been more formidable! Because in Jada’s METALS line he is 6” and almost 2 lbs. of die cast material!…
Suicide Squad logo

4” Suicide Squad
Product Spotlight

Suicide Squad is almost here! Get ready for this huge hit of the summer with the awesome die cast JADAS METALS Suicide Squad Collection! Each 4” figure is made of real die cast and weights almost ½ lb each! Figures are on shelf now and…
TMNT logo

4" TMNT Line

We always knew the Turtles were heavy hitters. And that has never been more true than in Jada’s METALS collection where each ninja warrior is almost ½ lb. of die cast material! Armored with their signature weapon these Heroes in the Half…
Metals Die Cast

Site Opens

  Announcing your new favorite toy site on the internet~! Jada’s is the new home to the latest news, product guide, sneak peaks and behind the scenes look into the amazing new line of die cast figures from Jada toys. Nothing…