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20-Pack Wave 2

Scale: 1.65”
Material: 100% die-cast
Weight: 25-30g
Content: Steve, Alex, Zombie Pigman, Witch, Wither, Snow Golem, Mooshroom, Iron Golem, Baby Zombie, Steve in Enchanted Armor, Alex in Diamond Armor, Charged Creeper, Villager (Nitwit), Villager (Priest), Zombie Villager, Llama (Brown), Tamed Wolf, Tabby Cat, Teleporting Enderman, Drowned.

From Jada Toys, the company who created a new category of collectible figures with their Metals Die Cast line, comes an all-new line of collectible die-cast figures called Nano Metalfigs!

Build your own adventure with all of your favorite characters from the world of Minecraft in Nano size! Featuring authentic character likeness, these die-cast figures are sure to be a standout in any collection!